ABS Student Awarded the Ming K. Jeang Scholarship for Fall 2021

Sept. 2, 2021

The Ming K. Jeang Scholarship endowment is for the scientific education exchange between the U.S. and China.  It is awarded to students of Asian descent who has shown a promising scientific career after completing their graduate education at the University of Arizona.

The endowment for 2021-22 is $5,826.32. The Graduate College provides an additional $5,000 tuition scholarship.

Incoming ABS student, Binh Tran a student in the Medical Microbiology & Immunology track of Applied Biosciences has been named the 2021 Ming K Jeang Scholarship Foundation awardee.

Here's what Tran has to say upon receiving the award:

I am Binh Tran, a graduate student pursuing a Professional Master’s degree in Applied Bioscience (ABS-PSM) - Medical Microbiology and Immunology track. I am working as a Research Technician in Dr. Romanoski’s lab. The lab focuses on understanding the previous research has found genetic variations associated with cardiovascular disease in endothelial cells to be near ERG, an oncogene and a transcription factor. The project I am currently working on involves studying the functional genetics and epigenetics of these variations. It has been an incredible
experience to learn about the computation techniques that researchers use to visualize the epigenetic patterns of targeted DNA sequences.

Since the ABS-PSM program encourages students to do internships, I intend to utilize the resources provided by University of Arizona to acquire as much experience working with biotech companies as possible for the next two years. After graduation, I will apply for Research and Development Scientist positions in promising start-up biotech companies, where I will be able to take on bigger roles and responsibilities. Once I gain enough experience, I will move on to more prestigious institutions. I would like to express my gratitude to the ABS program as well as the Ming K. Jeang Foundation for nominating me and giving me an opportunity to receive this award."