Program Costs

The tuition depends on how many units you take in a given term. Please head to the tuition calculator to estimate how much tuition and mandatory fees you must pay for the program: 

  1. Click on the term that you wish to start the program.
  2. Select "Main" for campus.
  3. Select "Graduate" under career.
  4. Select the option for the term you would like to start the program. 
  5. Under College, Program, or Differential Tuition, select "Not Listed Below."
  6. Under Residency Status, select if you are domestic or out-of-state/international student.

Please note that the program does not offer formal funding to cover tuition. We do offer the Graduate Tuition Scholarship (GTS) and the Graduate College Fellowship (GCF) every term for current students as some financial aid. The GTS and GCF can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, and depend on program budget and academic merit.