Welcome to Our Newest Industry Partner: Krista Jacobson!

Aug. 9, 2022

Welcome our new Industry Partner to our ABS Industry Advisory Board, Krista Jacobson! As an ABS graduate herself (DLS track, 2017), Krista is giving back after spending some time in the industry. Along with her ABS-PSM degree, she has a background in Veterinary Science. During the ABS program, she did her internships at MSDx, Inc. (now known as ZelosDx, Inc.) and Roche, a Swiss company based in Tucson. After graduation, she became a Senior Scientist at Elanco and now is a Director at HTG Molecular Diagnostics.

Industry Partners of the ABS program advise the Program Chair and Executive Committee about curriculum, community needs, and new issues/innovations in the private sector. They advocate for the ABS program to government and companies and assist students in securing internships/job placements.